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See THIS VIDEO if you would like help or more information. You should complete your will on a laptop or PC.  It won't work on iPad or phone. 

This free online will has been developed by LawHawk with Matt Hay from Succeed Legal.

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The automation occurs using the market leading HotDocs Cloud Services platform.


It should be suitable if the will maker doesn't have any specific gifts they want to make, and want to give all of their assets to a named person or people (e.g. to their husband or wife) or their children and don't have other complex requirements.

If the will maker has more complex requirements, such as:

  • The will maker wants to give specific gifts to particular people
  • The will maker has a family trust holding some family assets and/or wants to leave their assets to the trust, or deal with rights they have under the trust (such as the right to appoint trustees)
  • The will maker is in a second relationship, with children from the first
  • Some of the will maker's intended beneficiaries have special needs
  • The will maker has complex/unusual assets eg business assets - sole trader/partnership/shares in a closely held company that operates a business; overseas assets
  • The will maker wants to leave a potential claimant out of the will e.g. an estranged child
  • The will maker that has, or may have made testamentary promises
  • The will maker has recently separated from their spouse/partner, and has not yet settled the division of their relationship property

you should use the full online will version which is available for purchase here for $39.90 and get appropriate legal advice from Succeed Legal or another lawyer (or ask them to prepare the will for you).


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- Featherston

This is a very impressive template, it's user-friendly, self-explanatory (but the instructional videos are very good to check out first) and hits all the bases legally.

(Posted on 14 Aug 2017)

Reply:Thanks very much Ross.

Great service, super easy to use and effective. Thank you!

(Posted on 4 Aug 2017)

Reply:Thanks Melissa!

- Frankleigh Park

Straight forward easy to navigate simple WILL Thanks

(Posted on 27 Jul 2017)

Reply:Thank you Vicki.

- Tauranga

Easy to use. Just unsure how to access the 'help line' when was not sure of clauses

(Posted on 15 Jul 2017)

Reply:Hi Bev, just ring the number on the website 04 889 0376 or 021 339 527, and we can arrange help.

- Waiheke Island

Great for someone who is wanting to put together a simple Will, that is either free or inexpensive. It's easy to use, so there are now no excuses not to do one. I'm grateful to the people who took the time putting this together.

(Posted on 5 Jul 2017)

Reply:Thanks Rahsaan, you're welcome!

- Wellington

Very easy to use and in particular we found the video at each section very helpful as it gave more guidance. Our situation was straight forward so we did not need to seek further advice. I did speak to Matt Hay at Succeed Legal for general advise about appointing an executor and he was most helpful.

(Posted on 29 Jun 2017)

Reply:Thanks Leigh, and we agree, Matt Hay is very helpful.

- Wellington

Simple and easy to use for people like me with basics needs. Definitely recommend the videos on the questionnaire screens, especially the last screen. Videos however were super quiet even on my machines highest volume, so not useful in a noisy environment or if you are hard of hearing.

(Posted on 28 Jun 2017)

Reply:Thanks Herbert - improved sound is on the way!

- Tauranga

Really great tool! This allows generation of documents in your own time, in the privacy of your home or office.

(Posted on 20 Jun 2017)

Reply:Thanks Beverley!

- Te Anau

It was very easy to use with comprehensive resources to help. I could not get volume up to hear easily on videos but apart from this I think it's great. I tried three other NZ online will services and gave up on them. The finished product from Lawhawk was clear and easily printed as comes in a Word document. A suggestion is to add to resources is a printable copy of requirements for witnesses and signing. I will recommend your site to others.

(Posted on 1 Jun 2017)

Reply:Thanks Sharon - we're going to redo the videos soon, and will make the signing and witnessing requirements more easily available too.

- Wellington

I thought doing my Will would be a complicated process, I had put it off for ages. Thanks to Lawhawk I now have the basics set out in case I check out of this world early. Thanks very much!

(Posted on 15 May 2017)

Reply:Thanks Sheena, happy to have helped!

- Wellington

Super easy, and simplifies the process of a Will document that in its nature is simple. Great process to go through to think about who and what is included.

(Posted on 8 May 2017)

Reply:Thanks for the feedback Jesse

- Wellington, New Zealand

We've just been through the Law Hawk will template, and it was great! Overall we found it very easy to use and quick to use. Really impressed you can make what could be a scary legal document so usable. The document that is generated at the end is all ready to go. There were a few questions that popped up while we were working through the questions but we managed to search online for answers so we didn't get too stuck. Thanks for providing such a great service. I would definitely recommend it!

(Posted on 8 May 2017)

Reply:Thank you Grace, that's awesome.

- Porirua

I could'nt hear any of the Video's with both volumes turned up.....and I would also like to cancel what I have done please. I have changed my mind and need more consultation with my Lawyer.....thanks Donna

(Posted on 1 May 2017)

Reply:Hi Donna, sorry it didn't work for you as well as you wanted. We're going to do some updates soon, and as part of that we will re-do the videos and volume. No problem to cancel what you've done. It's entirely private to you (we don't have access to what you've done so far) so just leave it where you are (or take that to your lawyer as a start point perhaps).

- Auckland

Amazingly easy to use product.

(Posted on 30 Apr 2017)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Varun.

- Dunedin

I was very impressed with the final product and how quick and easy it was to complete. I am just as happy with this product as I would have been had I got around to seeing a lawyer - actually, this was better because I didn't have to leave my house or pay the lawyer's fees. Thanks LawHawk - I would be happy to be a paying customer next time.

(Posted on 29 Apr 2017)

Reply:Thanks Malisa - keep an eye out for some new documents coming soon!

- Waikato

Excellent opportunity to create a free will for our family. We have very simple wishes so it has been great to find a template to complete and fill in online. Great to have tips and explanations when going through each page. Thanks for setting this up!

(Posted on 28 Apr 2017)

Reply:Thanks Shana, we're happy that we could help you and your family.

Kia ora, I think this is such a great idea and resource, and really appreciate its existence - I didn't have a will, and now I do! I found it easy to follow and understand, my only criticism is of the binary nature of the gender questions. It would be great to have a gender 'textbox' instead of 'check boxes' (or if check boxes are a must, then several more need to be added: agender, non-binary, transgender, takatāpui, etc.) Thanks!

(Posted on 28 Apr 2017)

Reply:Thanks Sam, and those are good suggestions. We'll think about how we could do that, and will contact you separately for some more information.

- Wellington

A link to this site was posted on a closed facebook group for mothers. I've never had a will and this was a great opportunity to complete one. It was easy to do and quick. I did a draft run though as I had no idea of what kind of people needed to be/could be in the will. Armed with more info, I then spent a day thinking about who I really wanted as Executor/Trustee and back up etc and went back to amend the document. The videos for each section are great as it explains the lot. Def recommend.

(Posted on 25 Apr 2017)

Reply:Thanks Hannah, that's a great way to approach it.

- Wellington

Very straightforward and easy. Great to have the video tutorials if you get stuck. Exactly what we needed to organise but had been putting off. Highly recommend it. Many thanks!

(Posted on 19 Apr 2017)

Reply:Thank you Sarah!

- Auckland

Great! Relatively easy to use, really brought wills to the forefront of my mind from what was once deep-down in the too-hard basket.

(Posted on 19 Apr 2017)

Reply:Excellent, thanks Larry. Happy to have helped you get this done.

- Rotorua

Really easy, user friendly document. Found it a little tricky to actually get it started as the links on the website are a bit off, but once underway it was really great and produces a beautiful, clear document.

(Posted on 11 Apr 2017)

Reply:Thanks very much Kerri Anne. I'll contact you to find out more about the issue with the links.

- Wellington

I found the LawHawk free will to be an awesome on-line experience. Very easy to follow and to fill in the required detail. After downloading and saving I was able to edit to my requirements.

(Posted on 4 Apr 2017)

Reply:Thanks David! We're stoked that you had such a great experience.

- Auckland

This software is excellent. The process is fast, user-friendly and simple to understand. I have been meaning to make a will for a long time but never got around to it - this allowed me to make it from the comfort of my own home. Thank you so much for providing the free trial of this software - I have shared it far and wide as I am shocked at how few people have a will!

(Posted on 1 Apr 2017)

Reply:Thank you very much for your feedback Jacinda!