Retirement Villages

Are you spending too much time and money preparing retirement village documents?

Automating retirement village documents could save significant time and money, particularly if it enables your village to run with less legal support (internal or external) while also having more time to focus on providing outstanding facilities and service to your residents

We understand your real passion and expertise is in delivering the highest quality living environments for your residents. This is where your time and money should be spent; not on preparing documents. We can automate any document - including:

  • ORAs (and the RVA's Key Terms Summary at the same time)
  • disclosure documents
  • forms and checklists
  • employment agreements
  • correspondence

so your people can prepare them to lawyer quality by completing a custom designed online questionnaire in only a few minutes.

The benefits of automation

With automation:

  • Key documents such as Occupation Right Agreements, Key Terms Summaries, Disclosure Documents, Employment Agreements and correspondence can be prepared much more quickly AND to higher standards of quality and consistency.
  • The process can be automated, so that information from one document (e.g. the ORA) can be re-used in later documents (e.g. key terms summary or correspondence).
  • Tailored guidance can be incorporated into the questionnaire, so users can find the right information at the right time.
  • Multiple documents can be combined into one, with the relevant versions controlled via one or two questions.
  • Users will want to use the right templates as it will be the fastest and easiest way to do a great job.
  • Users can focus on providing outstanding care and services to village residents.

Customised Documents and Process

We will help you understand which of your processes might be suitable for automation and custom design the process to suit your particular needs. We are also happy to work with your lawyers and other advisors to ensure a great end-to-end outcome.

See for yourself

We can provide you with a live demonstration of how document automation will save you time and money without sacrificing the legal robustness of the documents - seeing is believing.  You can also see a simple example in the video below.


Use this benefits calculator to test the possible benefits.

Experience LawHawk for yourself

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