Charging model



Monthly User Licence cost
(billed annually in advance)

N/A $79+GST/user
Discount on LawHawk Documents



LawHawk Credit



Money Back Guarantee on LawHawk Documents



Can download and save document answer files



No set up fees



No software to install



Highest level security



Free support



Regular free updates to LawHawk templates



Hosting of your own templates



Review of your own templates



Unlimited use of your own templates



* See further information below

1 Perfect for new customers. No upfront cost or commitment.  Pay only for the LawHawk Documents you licence.
2 Ideal for heavy users.  Save money on LawHawk Documents and use your own templates (see questions below).
3 Pay per LawHawk Document licensed
4 User Licence with discounted payment per LawHawk Document licensed
5 Regular price for each LawHawk Document licensed, billed at time of purchase
6 20% discount on each LawHawk Document licensed, billed at time of purchase
7 $100 credit to LawHawk account to be used on any LawHawk Document(s) 


What is the difference between a LawHawk Template and a LawHawk Document?

A LawHawk Template is the base document which has all the options and automation logic built into it. 

A LawHawk Document is the Microsoft Word document (.docx format) that you generate and download after completing an interview.

You never have direct access to the LawHawk Templates.

What is a User?

A User is a person who completes an interview and downloads a LawHawk Document.  It is an essential term of LawHawk’s agreement with HotDocs, and LawHawk’s Terms and Conditions that each User must have their own unique login and password, which must not be shared.

Are there any separate LawHawk Document usage fees?

No.  Once a LawHawk Document has been generated, there are no additional charges for use of that document in accordance with LawHawk’s Terms and Conditions.

Can I use my own document templates?

LawHawk can host both automated and unautomated templates for you if you have a valid User licence.  To be able to use your own automated document templates each User must have a valid User licence.  This is a strict requirement of LawHawk’s agreement with HotDocs.

Do I pay for using my own document templates?

There may be a charge for initial uploading of your templates and any amendments to them (to be agreed in advance) but there is no other charge for the hosting of either form of template.

You can automate templates yourself (if you buy a HotDocs Developer licence and learn how to do it) or LawHawk can assist.  You can also ask LawHawk to do a review of template content at the same time.  LawHawk prices for conversion and review of your templates and the manner of payment will be separately agreed.

Can I upload my own templates myself?

No, that is not possible at this stage.  LawHawk will do this for you.  There may be a charge for initial uploading and any amendment of your templates (to be agreed in advance).

Do all my templates need to be automated to be stored on LawHawk’s site?

No.  LawHawk knows that many organisations struggle to store and find existing precedents, and even without template automation, LawHawk’s site may provide a better alternative.  Over time, you may choose to have those templates that are used most frequently automated.

Can anyone else use my own document templates?

Your own document templates will be stored on a separate page that only you, and others you authorise, will have access to.  

Who owns the end documents?

Under LawHawk’s Terms you acquire a non-exclusive non-transferable right to use the LawHawk Document you generate in relation to a single transaction or end use.  You don’t acquire any ownership or other Intellectual Property Right in any LawHawk Document.  You do own all Intellectual Property Rights in data uploaded by you in the interview (none of which is ever visible to LawHawk).

What’s an answer file?

As you complete an interview to generate a document, you can save your answers into an answer file.  That answer file is really useful – it allows you to work even faster the next time you need to generate a similar document.  You can pre-load your earlier answers, and tweak them as required.