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With LawHawk you don't need to be a tech guru. 

We are legal operations experts and can help you to improve and automate your legal processes for better business outcomes


Legal Automation

Business Benefits

The time savings that Housing New Zealand are seeing from the automation project are huge.Where we produce contracts using the automation we average a 75% reduction in the time taken relative to the time had we not used automation

Bruce Riden, General Counsel for Kainga Ora - Homes & Communities (formerly Housing New Zealand)

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What we do and how we help our business customers


An example of our solutions for self-service contracting


Recent Awards

Who we are and what we do

We are award winning experts in law and legal automation.

Read our case studies to see how we work with customers to analyse, improve, and automate their legal processes.

We ensure the benefits are enduring by providing ongoing support. 

We can provide the automation software with our market leading partners, or work with yours.

We have a huge amount of pre-built and proven automation IP that we can deploy to your projects, ensuring we'll make the whole process quick, easy and affordable for you. 

Working with us will save you time and money, reduce risk, and ensure legal compliance. 

Avoid the costs, delays and ongoing frustration of unsuccessful DIY automation projects.

We also automate and sell our own documents through this website. Thousands of customers have already used this service.

What is document automation?

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Who we work with

We can work with anyone that wants to make substantial and ongoing improvements in their legal processes and cares about the quality of the outcomes.

We work directly with law firms, in-house legal and procurement teams, and business owners.Our customers range from some of New Zealand's largest corporates, law firms and Government agencies down to sole practitioners and start-up businesses.

Most of our customers are in New Zealand, reflecting our location and expertise as New Zealand lawyers, but we have also delivered successful projects in Australia, Singapore and the US. We are available for work globally.

We have particular strength in HotDocs Advance, the newest software from the global leader in document automation. If you need help migrating from an earlier version of HotDocs, and you want to get the best out of your new system, we can help!

Recent case studies

LawHawk-Foodstuffs Case Study
LawHawk-Transworld Case Study       
LawHawk-Pawson Law Case Study

How we work

01. Understand your goals

Understanding the full problem/opportunity is key to choosing the right options

02. Identify options for improvement

What systems do you already have? 

What new ones will best meet your needs?

03.Agree changes, responsibilities and costs

Based on 1 and 2, we'll be able to agree a solution that will work, for known costs and strong ROI

04. Deliver for testing

We'll deliver your solution for testing within agreed timeframes - probably a few weeks

05. Feedback & improvement

Our initial work for testing should be pretty close, but with your help we'll have it working just as you want

06.Ongoing support

Better never stops!  As your needs change, we'll keep your solution up to date

Why us?

I think that with LawHawk being commercial lawyers and great people to work with, they really understood what it is we do and the practical challenges we face, and that was key for us," he recalls. "Setting up automation isn't just about flicking a switch. You need to think through the process and make sure the templates and internal processes work for your business, and LawHawk were able to work through all that with us.

Julian Benefield - Associate General Counsel

The benefits have been a thousand-fold. From our position, the brokers' position, and the clients' position, the nature of the whole process has significantly improved. Business owners can put all the required information into one platform, and their accountants can add information as well, which eliminates double-handling. It's a huge time saver.

David Newport, Director

Their ability to look at our problem, and help us identify our requirements, has been amazing. They’re lawyers as well as software developers and they’ve got to know us

Yazmin Juned, Associate General Counsel

Online Customer

I recently used the LawHawk will tool, and it was brilliant. Quick, easy and intuitive, but still entirely comprehensive. I've delayed making a will for ages because it seemed like such a hassle, but this made it extremely easy. I've recommended it to my partner and family.

Zac, a customer who purchased our online will and enduring power of attorney package

Automation means I know things are actually under control. The system is reliable, it's working, it removes that margin of error - that gives me business confidence and peace of mind.

David Pawson - Director

Consistency is key. We have the certainty that the documents are up-to-date, and accurate. The LawHawk system provided by Ford Sumner is a real DIY solution that means you don’t have to fork out for a solicitor every time you want a new agreement or contract.

Rob Evans - Chief Executive

Some of our customers

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An example of our solutions for self-service contracting