Enduring Power of Attorney Document - Property
  • enduring power of attorney - property

Enduring Power of Attorney Document - Property

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We're confident that you won't be disappointed with this solution.  It's: 

◊     quick to complete. There's nothing else like this in the NZ market

◊     so good, it's also used by New Zealand law firms who tell us it is better than the other alternatives

◊     very user friendly

◊     packed with heaps of video guidance for every stage to help you work out what to do

The options you have chosen will be automatically ticked for you, and you can choose whether you want the options you haven't chosen to be shown as struck out, for extra clarity.

Note: This product is for one person alone.  If you are a couple, you will need to purchase two.  We can give you instructions on how you can mirror the documents easily.

You should note that we provide the document only.  Enduring powers of attorney need to be signed with an “authorised witness” (e.g. a lawyer or an authorised officer or employee of a trustee corporation), and so you should factor those costs on top of the cost of this document if this is for your own personal use.

If you don’t already have an authorised witness lined up, we can help you find one who is happy to advise you on the documents you generate.  Check out Succeed Legal if you are in Wellington, or our lawyers directory

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If you still can't find someone, let us know and we will help you find someone!


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- Wellington

As an in-house lawyer, I was interested to try LawHawk’s online enduring power of attorney forms when my parents-in-law needed help to put them in place. I found the process incredibly easy to complete, particularly with all the written and video guidance that is packed into it. Anyone can do it to a lawyer standard. Backed up with the very discounted solicitor review fee from Succeed Legal, I can recommend it to anyone.

(Posted on 21 Aug 2018)

Reply:Thank you Tim, much appreciated.