About LawHawk

As an online legal document generation service, LawHawk is for lawyers and procurement specialists that want to prepare great legal and procurement documents as fast as possible, and not only survive but thrive against digital disrupters and larger competitors, without the cost of developing and maintaining their own precedent and IT systems.

LawHawk’s advanced online questionnaires and document templates, and their built in real time training and compliance, allow anyone to draft highly customised documents in minutes rather than hours and at very low cost.  Document drafts will be better quality, more consistent and compliant with key requirements. LawHawk is committed to revolutionising how high quality and consistent legal and procurement documents are generated, and setting new standards for what is possible.

With less need to maintain your own precedents, guidance and training materials, and working safely with delegation at speed, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters for your business to succeed.

Delivered securely 24/7 via the internet as a fully managed service using HotDocs' leading document automation technology, it’s easy and enjoyable to use wherever you are, with no up-front cost, IT investment or expertise required.  You’ll pay only an agreed amount for each document you use with a money back guarantee. 

By helping deliver law at speed, our vision is that lawyers remain affordable, relevant and accessible for society, and legal practice is satisfying, fun and profitable for lawyers.

It’s law and procurement for the 21st century and how you’ll want to do all your work.

About the Executive Team

Gene Turner

Gene Turner

Gene founded LawHawk in 2016, after a 17 year career as a corporate and finance lawyer, to change the way legal work is done.

He has a long-standing interest in precedents and document automation, and first implemented document automation for Westpac in 2000, reducing business banking and property finance loan document preparation time from an hour to 3 minutes. Document automation has been a career long goal.

In 2012 Gene realised that document automation of the complexity he knew was possible could only be done by someone with a combination of legal and automation skills, and with specialist document automation software, so he learned HotDocs automation. 

Prior to founding LawHawk, he was a corporate and finance partner at Buddle Findlay for 6 years.  He has previously worked at Chapman Tripp, Westpac, and CMS Cameron McKenna in London. 

He has acted on many significant corporate and finance transactions, and been ranked by IFLR as a leading lawyer in both Corporate and Banking.

Gene also has an MBA (Dist) from Victoria University (graduating first in class),which helps him understand and design effective business processes and strategies.

Gene regularly speaks at industry events, such as the ILANZ mini-conferences on Disruption in October 2016 (where he spoke of the importance of a collaboration strategy) and he was the only New Zealand speaker at the Australasian Legal Practice Managers Association (ALPMA) Summit in Brisbane in September 2017, on the topic “Don’t Automate – Obliterate!”.  Gene also published an e-book in 2016 covering more than 50 technologies that lawyers could use to be more successful.  This is free to download here.

Gene is on the Advisory Board of the Australasian College of Law’s Centre for Legal Innovation.

Gene enjoys helping business people –  yes, including lawyers – work out how technology can support their wider business strategy.  His ideal customers are people who are excited by the opportunities to grow their businesses over the long term by using technology to win more work through genuinely working faster and better.  

Gene is married to Camille, and they have three fantastic school aged children who occupy almost all of his non-work time.

Allen Li

Allen Li

Allen is sports fanatic, slowly watching his own sporting career fade away with each persistent injury that previously would have taken a few days to recover from.  He loves to travel and enjoys touring the country with his wife, Lucy, who is a professional photographer. 

Allen joined Gene at LawHawk in November 2016. 

Prior to that, he worked at Barclays in London for 4 years, managing the team responsible for negotiating derivatives documentation with clients with hedging requirements.  In addition to his “day job”, he consistently found ways to improve the bank’s processes.  He was instrumental to various technology solutions relating to derivatives documents, including document automation initiatives. 

Prior to Barclays, he worked with Gene at Buddle Findlay for 4 years in the banking and finance team, working on many of the same transactions as Gene.  That’s where he first saw the real benefits that document automation brings, providing feedback on the automation that Gene was exploring there.  He enjoyed working in both the Wellington and Auckland offices of Buddle Findlay, and got his taste for working in-house at leading banks from his secondments to BNZ and Kiwibank.

Here’s a blog Allen wrote when he first joined, which explains his reasons for leaving a big bank in London to work for a little legal tech start-up in Wellington.

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