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Carole Edwards Review

Updated in 2024 with help from one of NZ's leading estate planning lawyers.  More options, more guidance, and more checks! 

"Really easy, each screen that I passed through I had an instructional video to watch on how to fill that particular interview page. When I had doubts about what to answer I emailed Gene for help, he was amazing right throughout. Also, this is a really good value for money for an online Will, I recommend this service to all."

Anuradha - A satisfied will customer

Note: This product is for one person alone.  If you are a couple, you will need to purchase two wills.  We can give you instructions on how you can mirror the documents easily.

Best value in the market

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$85 will


$164 will


$219 will

Edits* Tick Tick Tick Tick
Choose your own executor/trustee Tick Tick Tick Tick
Divide your assets among your family Tick Tick Tick Tick
Include children and future children Tick Tick Tick Tick
Specify guardians for your children Tick Cross Icon Tick Tick
Gift specific items Tick Cross Icon Tick Tick
Make plans for care of your pets Tick Cross Icon Tick Tick
Make a will in contemplation of marriage Tick Cross Icon Tick Tick
Include or exclude certain overseas assets Tick Cross Icon Cross Icon Tick
Allow for rights to occupy Tick Cross Icon Cross Icon Tick
Allow for life interests Tick Cross Icon Cross Icon Tick
Include your family trust Tick Cross Icon Cross Icon Tick
Cover separation and divorce Tick Cross Icon Cross Icon Tick

Split share unevenly between charities/


Tick Cross Icon Cross Icon Tick

Including children (or partners)

children from previous relationships

Tick Cross Icon Cross Icon Tick

*With LawHawk you can take as long as you want to complete your documents (with save and resume functionality). 7 day time limit after download can be extended by request.  Competitor solution offers unlimited edits over 30 days.

See how the process works in the video below. 

Easy to complete!

Natasha Linskill

"I've put off writing my Will for years as I thought the process would be expensive and overwhelming.  LawHawk's online will is really affordable and easy to complete.  I highly recommend it." 

A review of this will from Natasha (pictured, from Linskill Lettering)

Give it a go.  If you're not completely happy with your will, we'll give your money back!

We're confident that you won't be disappointed with this solution.  It is: 

◊     quick to complete. There's nothing else like this in the NZ market

◊     so good, it's also used by New Zealand law firms and has received great feedback from previous customers (see the reviews above and on Google!)

◊     very user friendly

◊     packed with over 2 hours of video guidance for every stage to help you work out what to do

It's got the important bases covered.  You can appoint who you want as your executor(s)/attorney(s) and backup(s), set out your wishes for burial, and who you want to look after your kids.  You are in control and can take as long as you want to think things through. 

The will contains options that will allow the Will Maker to give a range of particular gifts, including:

◊     Money

◊     Chattels

◊     Pets

◊     Investment securities

◊     KiwiSaver

◊     Life Insurance Proceeds

◊     Land

◊     Maori Land

◊     Gifts to charity

◊     Options to purchase

◊     Life interests

◊     Rights to occupy

◊     Forgiveness of debt

◊     Rights to appoint or remove trustees

◊     Other types of gifts.


If you need help from a lawyer at any time, you can see someone from Succeed Legal or another lawyer who specialises in wills and estates.  

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Here's what some of our customers are saying about this product

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- New Zealand

Very straightforward and easy to fill in. The links on each section that take you to the ‘how to’ video were great. And the follow up emails and quick response were hugely appreciated. Thank you.

(Posted on 8 Jul 2024)

Reply:Thanks for the great feedback Annie!

- New Zealand

A really fast and easy way to get a Will done! Wasn't stressful at all, not sure why I put it off so long!

(Posted on 23 Jun 2024)

Reply:Thanks Sinead!

- New Zealand


(Posted on 16 May 2024)

Reply:Thanks Dena

- New Zealand

Pretty easy to complete. Pretty much just a tick box exercise that once completed you have your will

(Posted on 30 Apr 2024)

Reply:Thanks Jason. We're pleased you found it easy.

- New Zealand

For me the task of self completing the will form was made much easier thanks to the patience shown by Gene. I can appreciate that designing a format for lay people yet at the same time delivering an effective legal document is a fine balance. Personally I find terms like interview counter productive. I have little hesitation in recommending the service. Thanks again Gene for your help.

(Posted on 28 Mar 2024)

Reply:Thank you for your feedback Alistair, and for choosing LawHawk.

- New Zealand

I kept putting off sorting my will out until I decided to try this online will which had so much positive feedback. Honestly it was so straightforward to do & help was easily accessible if needed . My mind is at ease now I have this document in hand.

(Posted on 19 Feb 2024)

Reply:Thanks Paula, we're pleased you found it easier than expected! Well done for getting things sorted.

- New Zealand

After procrastinating this for over a year, I am very stoked with myself to have it done. It was way easier than I expected and produced a professional legal document for a very reasonable price. Worked well on my Macbook and took me maybe 2 hours going slowly. The videos spelled it all out for you, not just how to do it but why which is important to understand jargon and processes.

(Posted on 3 Nov 2023)

Reply:Thanks Alice, we're pleased you found the videos helpful.

- New Zealand

Easy experience, really pleased with the automated document!

(Posted on 3 Nov 2023)

Reply:Thanks Ashleigh-Summer, we're pleased you are happy with the end result!

- New Zealand

Wow, what an easy process. This was something I had wanted to get sorted for a while and I only wanted something simple but I thought it would still be a costly and time consuming exercise so I had kept putting it off. I was completed within 15-20 minutes and the instructional videos were very helpful when I required a bit more information and advice. Thank you for making it so effortless and affordable, I would highly recommend LawHawk to friends and family.

(Posted on 21 Jul 2023)

Reply:Thank so much for the great feedback Chanelle, and we really appreciate you recommending us. Well done on doing it so quickly!

- New Zealand

Simple process. A lot now off our minds on paper to make things easier for loved one's. Back up support if needed is great. Thank you. Neil

(Posted on 27 Jun 2023)

Reply:Thanks Neil, making it easier for loved ones is such a big benefit.

- New Zealand

Great service and great price. A simple Will was all I needed and this was perfect, thank you.

(Posted on 13 Jun 2023)

Reply:Thanks very much Christine. Simple wills are right in our sweet spot.

- New Zealand

Easy and simple.

(Posted on 12 Jun 2023)

Reply:Thanks Samantha.

- New Zealand

There was a question which was unclear otherwise I would've given a higher rating. The rest was easy to follow, and I completed the whole thing within an hour. It's been on my mind for awhile to complete a will so glad I have done it now.

(Posted on 3 May 2023)

Reply:Thanks Cara, including for the helpful feedback. We've got some updates planned which will clarify that question further.

- New Zealand

I loved the ease of use, and if i had any questions they were answered really quickly. A simple solution to something i had put off for years.

(Posted on 3 May 2023)

Reply:Thanks Ingrid, happy to help and better late than never! Well done.

- New Zealand

Perfect for my needs

(Posted on 24 Apr 2023)

Reply:Thanks Aimee, that's awesome.

- New Zealand

Really need to make it clear that this won’t work on a phone or better still provide a separate phone link at the beginning. Would have saved me 2 days of getting frustrated.

(Posted on 22 Apr 2023)

Reply:Hi Geoff, sorry that you lost time in this way. We've clarified our email instructions further as a result to make it clearer that the system won't work on a phone and to contact us for an alternative means of access. Once we knew you were having a problem, we were pleased to be able to give you a different means of access within a few minutes and that you could get it finished very quickly after that. Thank you for the feedback, as it has helped improve our process further. In general we still don't recommend use of a phone for this type of legal document, as there is a lot of information required to be read and entered.

- New Zealand

Purchased the online Will, fast efficient access to purchased item. The Will was very user friendly and easy to produce the required document. The back up support was brilliant and very much appreciated, giving us confidence throughout this process. Would definitely use LawHawk again if the need arises.

(Posted on 10 Apr 2023)

Reply:Thanks very much Bronwyn!

- New Zealand

An easy online process to follow when completing a will. At the end of the process clarification was sought on a particular aspect. Gene was very responsive, thorough and provided options which made for a swift finalisation of the will. Highly recommend this service and very cost effective for a straightforward will.

(Posted on 28 Mar 2023)

Reply:Thank you very much for the great review Venetia. We're pleased we were able to help you!

- New Zealand

Really straight forward and easy to follow - highly recommend

(Posted on 12 Mar 2023)

Reply:Thanks Andrew, we appreciate your feedback and recommendation.

- New Zealand

Instructional videos were very helpful and easy to follow. Process was seamless, thank you

(Posted on 8 Mar 2023)

Reply:Thanks Clive, appreciate the feedback on the help videos. Thanks for choosing LawHawk.

- New Zealand

It was cheap, easy and the videos were clear. I also called Gene once and he was very helpful. I will use again to update in a few years and have already reccomended to friends.

(Posted on 21 Feb 2023)

Reply:Thanks Natasha, it's great we were able to help and thank you for your recommendations!

- New Zealand

So simple to use, straight forward videos

(Posted on 10 Feb 2023)

Reply:Tahnks Taylor, we're pleased you found it simple and straight forward.

- New Zealand

A very affordable option and takes little to no time. Being neurodivergent, I struggle filling out forms when attention to detail is required so I asked a few questions and required a bit of extra help which was catered to perfectly . Gene was quick to respond and provide me with the help I needed. Thank you for this support. Great service

(Posted on 15 Jan 2023)

Reply:Thanks Andrew, and very happy to have been able to help.

- New Zealand

(Posted on 15 Jan 2023)

Reply:Thanks for your feedback Lisa.

- New Zealand

Quick and easy, reasonably intuitive and good guidance throughout. Many thanks!

(Posted on 15 Jan 2023)

Reply:No problem, thanks Janine!

- New Zealand

It was helpful and easy

(Posted on 7 Dec 2022)

Reply:Thanks Vanessa!

- New Zealand

Easy to do

(Posted on 16 Nov 2022)

Reply:Thanks Stephen.

- New Zealand

I needed a quick and easy way of completing a will and this was so easy to understand and complete

(Posted on 13 Nov 2022)

Reply:Thank you Adele

- New Zealand

Great starting point/introduction to a will. Easy to follow step-by-step guide with video instructions also.

(Posted on 13 Nov 2022)

Reply:Thank you Conrad.

- New Zealand

Quick and easy. No fuss process

(Posted on 2 Apr 2022)

Reply:Thank you Christa - that's the aim!

- New Zealand

Great, easy to use and comprehensive product!

(Posted on 5 Feb 2022)

- New Zealand

I have put this off for so many years, mainly due to cost. This was so reasonable (price wise) and so user friendly. I also felt you were involved with me. Making sure I was comfortable with what was involved and the guides along the way were in laymen terms . So happy to have found you and so relieved to finally have this done. Will be recommending you with a five star plus rating!! Thank you.

(Posted on 5 Feb 2022)

Reply:Thank you Kirsty!! A lot of people think it will be harder and more expensive than it really is, so good on you for getting onto it and getting it done!

- Auckland

Very easy, good and clear. Back up help noteworthy and very quick. I will recommend this to anyone and have done so regularly.

(Posted on 20 Jan 2022)

Reply:Thank you so much for recommending us to your friends Jean!

- New Zealand

A task that seemed so daunting and stressful was completed quickly and successfully with minimum effort. We cannot thank you enough for the most amazing guidance, professionalism and ease of reference. Really appreciate it

(Posted on 13 Jan 2022)

Reply:Thanks Cat, that's great to hear. Thank you for choosing LawHawk!

- New Zealand

Very happy to recommend the whole process. Well thought out, clearly explained and easy to use.

(Posted on 27 Aug 2021)

Reply:Thank you very much for your kind review Karen and congratulations on getting your documents in place so quickly.

- New Zealand

It was straightforward and helpful

(Posted on 25 Jul 2021)

Reply:Thanks Mei.

- New Zealand

Really nice, very easy, guide you step by step. Thanks

(Posted on 25 Jul 2021)

Reply:Thank you for your review Anuradha. It's great that you found the process easy to follow. Thanks for choosing LawHawk.

- New Zealand

Every part of the process was explained in the right level of detail. I do think you need to hire a graphics designer/user experience person though. Not for any functional reason - just to make the web pages more visual appealing and intuitive.

(Posted on 31 May 2021)

Reply:Thanks very much for the constructive feedback Richard. We've taken your comments on board!

- New Zealand

Really easy to use, great instructions and professional end result. The price point of this will means if I want to make changes in the future it is still very affordable. Our witnesses to our will were so impressed they are thinking of updating their wills and using your service. Thanks

(Posted on 20 Mar 2021)

Reply:That's excellent, thanks Jo!

- New Zealand

Well guided steps, quick and simple. Thanks!

(Posted on 7 Feb 2021)

Reply:Thanks very much for the great feedback Paul and for choosing LawHawk!

- New Zealand

So easy to do and professional. Now I just have to find two people willing to witness my signature on my Will.

(Posted on 13 Dec 2020)

Reply:Thank you Catherine

- New Zealand

So simple and way to use. Great price point.

(Posted on 6 Dec 2020)

Reply:Thanks Mark!

- New Zealand

Wasn’t so keen on all the videos (which I didn’t get to listen to) but totally understand you need something to ensure it’s easy to follow etc. I honestly would still be without a will if your product wasn’t so easy and well priced. Love that you don’t have to talk to anyone and the completed product looks professional and was so quick to work through from start to finish.

(Posted on 5 Dec 2020)

Reply:Thanks Megan, it's so cool to hear that we're making that kind of difference.

- New Zealand

Really easy, each screen that I passed through I had an instructional video to watch on how to fill that particular interview page. When I had doubts about what to answer I emailed Gene for help, he was amazing right throughout. Also, this is a really good value for money for an online Will, I recommend this service to all.

(Posted on 30 Nov 2020)

Reply:Awesome, thanks Anu!

- New Zealand

My wife and I recently purchased the online will from LawHawk. We were both impressed with the product and the integrated support services. The process to complete the online will was straight forward and convenient. The accompanying tutorial video provided answers to questions that we had during the process.

(Posted on 2 Oct 2020)

Reply:Thank you for your great review Che

- New Zealand

Quick, easy, cost effective for a simple will.

(Posted on 19 Jul 2020)

Reply:Thanks Rory. Well done on getting your will sorted.

- New Zealand

It was easy and I didn't feel the frustration and anger of what I had to pay for my previous will

(Posted on 19 Jun 2020)

Reply:Thanks John, and we're pleased this was a better outcome for you.

- New Zealand

Kept losing place and having to retype. Doesn’t work on iPad.

(Posted on 10 Mar 2020)

Reply:Reply to Serena: "Hi Serena, thanks for letting me know about the problems you had. I’d like to help if I can. We do try to make it clear that it won’t work on an ipad in the email you received, as below. Did you miss that? I can see whether we can make that clearer somehow. Do you have access to another type of computer that can download zip files? If so, I can give you a voucher to use so you can try again for a better outcome. When you said you lost your place, and had to retype, I’d like to understand how that was happening. Can you provide any more details? Overall, it doesn’t sound like you had a good experience. We stand behind our promise that if you’re not completely happy we’ll give your money back. Would you like a refund?" Reply from Serena: "Hi Gene Gosh, thanks for following up. No refund required. I got there in the end but it wasn’t quite clear enough that it wouldn’t work on an iPad which was why I kept encountering problems. It was disappointing that it didn’t work with that technology! But best wishes and we aren’t put off now that we know - my husband is getting it next." [Update: have added highlighting to email about ipads]

- Kerikeri

We found the online will very easy to use and satisfied with the end result, which looks professional and as you would expect from a legal document. The instruction video was very easy to follow and unless you have a complicated situation I think everybody would be able to use the software. There is also included lots of guidance text to get through the whole process. Overall we highly recommend it.

(Posted on 9 Mar 2020)

Reply:Thanks very much Lasse!

- Nelson

Great will writing tool. I had no idea where to start with a will but I am glad I chose lawhawk. There were interactive videos to guide me through it. They emailed me to see how I got on, and helped me understand a couple of things via both phone and email. Great service. Had I known how easy it would be I would not have put it off for so long. Highly recommended.

(Posted on 9 Mar 2020)

Reply:Awesome, thanks Dan!

- New Zealand

Website is super ugly and not user friendly, could do with an overhaul.

(Posted on 8 Mar 2020)

Reply:Thanks for the feedback Nancy. I've emailed you directly to see if there's anything in particular you didn't like. You'll be pleased to know that there are some changes coming soon as well.

- Auckland

Great product. Easy to use and the guidance was very helpful

(Posted on 3 Mar 2020)

Reply:Thanks Paul

- New Zealand

Ease of use and very helpful videos to guide along the way

(Posted on 5 Dec 2019)

Reply:Thanks Esta

- New Zealand

Very easy to use service and we were very happy with the final result. No issues at all. Thanks

(Posted on 4 Dec 2019)

Reply:Thanks Ben!

- New Zealand

Easy, straightforward and well-priced. Have recommended to others.

(Posted on 2 Dec 2019)

Reply:Thanks for the great review and recommendations Mattie.

- New Zealand

(Posted on 12 Nov 2019)

- New Zealand

(Posted on 11 Nov 2019)

- New Zealand

Straightforward and quick to use. Plus great to go back a tweak things after reading through.

(Posted on 11 Nov 2019)

Reply:Thanks Chelsea!

- New Zealand

Both my husband and I are in our early 30s and just brought our first home and knew now was the time we needed to create a Will. Wasn't really looking forward to that laborious task of finding how to get one and getting one in place. We discovered LawHawk online and it was the EASIEST process we found! Very simple process with videos which explain in plain English what each part means. The cost and convenience have been great! Would recommend LawHawk to anyone and everyone!

(Posted on 4 Sep 2019)

Reply:Hi Anna, thanks for the awesome review, and congratulations on also buying your house!

- New Zealand

I would have preferred something more simple and stripped out. Some things I didn't fully understand but sufficiently so to complete it.

(Posted on 4 Sep 2019)

Reply:Thanks for the feedback Dion. It can be a bit complicated with some of the options - it was originally designed for lawyers. If you're unsure of anything important, we always recommend getting a lawyer to review it.

- New Zealand

Good layout and easy, fair price. Not a 5 as not easy to understand the ability (and cost if any) to make amendments if required after download.

(Posted on 31 Jul 2019)

Reply:After understanding the situation, we provided a fresh link enabling Clive to complete an amended version, at no extra charge.

- New Zealand

Easy to follow

(Posted on 31 Jul 2019)

- New Zealand

Easy to do and good help with instructions for signing and storing

(Posted on 31 Jul 2019)

Reply:Thanks Diane

- New Zealand

Easy to understand, cheap and relatively timely. Super happy with your services. And with Succeed Legal for recommending I complete an online will and in the process saving me a large amount of money. It seems Succeed Legal are such a fair and proactive Law firm. Aimed at doing what's right by their clients. They've restored my faith in lawyers.

(Posted on 7 Jul 2019)

Reply:That's awesome Lisa, and great feedback for Succeed Legal. They've always been great in all our dealings with them too.

- New Zealand

Easy and just as it says.

(Posted on 28 Jun 2019)

Reply:Thanks Leah, and well done.

- New Zealand

The only fault is that 24 hours was not enough time to review.....I wanted to talk it over with a family member, who wasn’t available immediately. Otherwise, I found it surprisingly easy to negotiate

(Posted on 26 Jun 2019)

Reply:Thanks for your feedback on the will. That’s a fair concern. Please talk to your family member, and if you do want to make any changes, let us know and we’ll give you a voucher so you can get back in at no extra cost.

- New Zealand

All seems fine so far.

(Posted on 24 Jun 2019)

- New Zealand

Chose this score because of "Ease of use"

(Posted on 13 Jun 2019)

Reply:Thanks Rebecca

- New Zealand

I found the process really easy and straight forward. I guess I will not be here to find out if it stands up to the rigors of post death drama that unfold in Families!

(Posted on 12 Jun 2019)

Reply:Thanks Marcel - I'm sure it will stand up absolutely fine!

- New Zealand

Easy to use.

(Posted on 12 Jun 2019)

Reply:Thanks Alan

- New Zealand

Easy to use

(Posted on 2 Jun 2019)

Reply:Thanks Ngaire

- New Zealand

Quick, easy to use, appreciated the clear directions and accessibility on something that is normally tricky to navigate

(Posted on 2 Jun 2019)

Reply:Thanks Kate!

- New Zealand

I find it odd that despite of selecting cremation without specifying what to do with the ashes in the Burial section, the generated will still specifies "My Trustee shall arrange a headstone, plaque or other memorial at a cost my Trustee believes is reasonable. The associated costs will be treated as an administration expense." I also found bugs in the website, such as (1) failure loading of saved answers and (2) in Other People In This Will section, complete list of relationship values are not displayed in the dropdown list when I continue the interview by loading saved answers. Only 'husband' and 'wife' come up as options. That's my feedback on the the technical side of things. This is the Software Tester side of me talking. Overall it was a great tool to use for generating will. Made the task simple and much easier than I expected. I feel so relieved completing this task in such a short period of time. Thanks to Gene who was very helpful and prompt at all times.

(Posted on 2 Jun 2019)

Reply:Thanks Michelle. We've got some enhancements coming out soon that should address the technical issues you experienced. Well done on getting it done, and thanks for the review.

- New Zealand

It was a good service and easy to use. Cheers! Layout of the questions was okay but could be crisper with its layout and larger on the page so you don't have to scroll down all the time.

(Posted on 10 May 2019)

Reply:Thanks Emily. We're not far off having a new and improved version that we can release which should address these comments!

- New Zealand

The will format is very easy to follow and steps you through the necessary questions providing good explanation behind the detail of each section

(Posted on 4 May 2019)

Reply:Thanks Michael and well done on getting your will in place.

- New Zealand

(Posted on 26 Apr 2019)

- New Zealand

Great videos to show exactly how it works. Easy to buy & use voucher

(Posted on 17 Apr 2019)

Reply:Thanks for the awesome review Lesley

- New Zealand

The will writing process is very good, a well thought out program that makes it easy for the layman to use.

(Posted on 25 Mar 2019)

Reply:Thanks Sue, that's what we are aiming for! Congratulations on getting your will done.

- New Zealand

Some the initial questions and explanations (the brief ones that pop up) are confusing or don't give enough detail. However I muddled through. Secondly, you rely a lot on video guides but I'm totally deaf and they do nothing for deaf people. Proper written guides would be far more useful to me.

(Posted on 19 Mar 2019)

Reply:Thank you for this feedback - its really helpful. We do want to redo our videos soon as part of an upgrade to our software, and will look at how we can include captioning or a transcript.

- New Zealand

A speedy and reliable service. Great value for money.

(Posted on 19 Mar 2019)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Sam.

- New Zealand

Good easy to use system. We live rural so saved a 4 hour drive to lawyer.

(Posted on 19 Mar 2019)

Reply:Thanks Jamie. That's a brilliant benefit.

- Christchurch

Great & Stressful way to get your Will done. This company is very helpful and happy to go the extra mile to assist you with any questions. Recommend this for anyone needing a Will as instructions are also easy to follow.

(Posted on 11 Mar 2019)

Reply:Thanks Heather. I assume you meant Great and UNStressful way to get your will done! Congratulations on getting it sorted.

- New Zealand

Very easy to complete. Great communication and help.

(Posted on 2 Mar 2019)

Reply:Thanks Wendy!

- Lower Hutt

This service is great because you can do from the comfort of your home and no legal costs have to be incurred. A little difficult to navigate in the beginning but the staff are super helpful.

(Posted on 25 Feb 2019)

Reply:Thanks Amanda, pleased we could help you and well done for getting your will in place!

- Auckland

A great find, which was recommended by a friend. Easy to complete but when I got a little confused at one point, help was at the end of the phone. An exceptional price for what was a very simple will for my elderly mother. Thank you for making this possible

(Posted on 21 Feb 2019)

Reply:Thanks Lisa, and thanks also to your friend! We're pleased you were able to get this sorted for your mother.

- New Zealand

Easy and intuitive to follow.

(Posted on 14 Feb 2019)

Reply:Thanks James!

- New Zealand

(Posted on 4 Feb 2019)

- New Zealand

(Posted on 31 Jan 2019)

- New Zealand

(Posted on 31 Jan 2019)

- Wellington

Completing my will through Lawhawk was a breeze. Each step of the way was intuitive, and the tutorials for each section was a great help. Simple and easy to use, I would recommend all my friends and family make use of this service.

(Posted on 24 Jan 2019)

Reply:Awesome review, thanks Paul!

- New Zealand

(Posted on 29 Dec 2018)

- New Zealand

(Posted on 29 Dec 2018)

- New Zealand

(Posted on 23 Dec 2018)

- New Zealand

(Posted on 23 Dec 2018)

- New Zealand

I found the will creation tool to be easy to use with good guidance the whole way through. I would highly recommend it.

(Posted on 3 Dec 2018)

Reply:Thanks Iain!

- New Zealand

Quick and easy process that can be completed from home!

(Posted on 17 Oct 2018)

Reply:Thanks Luke, and also for your separate feedback on how we can make it even better.

- Wellington

Well that was much easier than I expected - not sure why I put it off for so long! The Will is exactly what I needed and it looks sharp. Thanks for making the process as painless as possible. The instructions around signing the Will were really helpful as well. Very satisfied.

(Posted on 2 Oct 2018)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Sel

- Dunedin

Intuitive to use and did everything I needed it to. Thank you!

(Posted on 22 Sep 2018)

Reply:Thanks David!

- Auckland

I have been wanting to write my will for many years. However both my husband and I were very worried about will formation (the costs, duration, process etc.) until he came across this web site. It was a breeze for us to create our individual wills. I can't thank LawHawk enough for this. Gene and his organisation are one of a kind (that we didn't think existed) in the law world that sets them apart from the rest. Many thanks again...You all are genuinely good and helping people; true to your profession!!

(Posted on 20 Sep 2018)

Reply:Thank you for the wonderful review!

- New Zealand

Making a will using this site was very easy with video instructions along the way. I had a problem that I wasn't sure how to fix and my phone call was answered and corrected immediately and this was at about 9pm so very surprised but really happy as I could then finish it there and then. Very professional and I wouldn't hesitate to use this service in the future. A big thank you as now having a will has taken the weight of my shoulders

(Posted on 18 Sep 2018)

Reply:Thanks Angela, we're very happy to have helped.

- New Zealand

I found doing the Will easy and straightforward. The Resources were very helpful.

(Posted on 15 Sep 2018)

Reply:Thanks Gill!

- New Zealand

I created an online will with Lawhawk and was amazed with how quick and painless it was to create such an important document that I'd been meaning to do for years. I literally completed it in my pyjamas when my kids were sleeping, now I can rest easy knowing that there's a plan in place for when I depart this world!

(Posted on 6 Aug 2018)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Freya, and well done!

- New Zealand

Simple and easy to use in the comfort of your own home.

(Posted on 23 Jul 2018)

Reply:Thanks very much for your review Brett

- New Zealand

Excellent communication. The price is really good. You can edit your will within 24 hours, which is really nice. Pretty handy. Recommended +++. thanks

(Posted on 11 Jul 2018)

Reply:Thanks Randy, well done on getting your will in place!

- Upper Hutt

I found the whole process easy to follow and the video guidance further added to making the completing of the Will straight forward. I would highly recommend this product to anyone contemplating doing their own Will

(Posted on 9 Jul 2018)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Michael

- Central Otago

Very impressed with this easy-to-use and handy product! Great communication from Gene, always available for extra assistance and technical support. Thanks again for this smooth and hassle-free transaction. Highly recommended!

(Posted on 3 Jul 2018)

Reply:Thanks very much Yannick!

- Paremata

Like others I’ve put iff writing my Will for various reasons including cost. My Will is straightforward so this service is perfect and I very much appreciated the follow up also. One less thing niggling away in the back of my mind.

(Posted on 2 Jul 2018)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Phil.

- Hamilton

Great Site. Worked perfectly to create a Will. Gene even followed up within a few days to make sure it all went well. Great product, and customer service. Keep up the good work guys :).

(Posted on 28 Jun 2018)

Reply:Thanks Barry

- Wellington

I used LawHawk's services to write my Will. I've put off writing my Will for years as I thought the process would be expensive and overwhelming. LawHawk's online will is really affordable and easy to complete. I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 28 Jun 2018)

Reply:Thanks Natasha

- Auckland

Very easy video to follow enabling will makers to just answer the relevant questions. We made a few changes on the way, but the end result was spot on. Would recommend to anyone making a simple will.

(Posted on 23 Jun 2018)

Reply:Thank you for the feedback Paul

- Christchurch

Very easy to complete, great to have video clips for any areas we were unsure about. Good communication from LawHawk following up to see if there were any issues.

(Posted on 8 Jun 2018)

Reply:Thanks Jane, great that it worked so well for you.

- Auckland

I found the program, complimented by the videos, extremely easy to use. The resultant will was clear, concise, and in plain language. Value for money it is right up there. I did have a query regarding an extra clause which I emailled about and it was answered very quickly and satisfactorily. Provided you do not want to be too complicated about disposing of your "stuff" I would highly recommend this program to you.

(Posted on 1 Jun 2018)

Reply:Thanks very much for your review Mike. Great that we could help you.

- Ohakune

Fantastic online will making service. So easy to use and it covers so many situations.

(Posted on 15 May 2018)

Reply:Thanks you very much for the great feedback Kerren

- Auckland

Great product. Easy to follow. After downloading the document, I had a few questions and got a quick reply on a Sunday. Top service!! Really happy!! Highly recommended!!

(Posted on 13 May 2018)

Reply:Hi Mandy - very happy to have helped.

- Rotorua

Great product, just take the time to watch the videos, save your data if you need to get back to it (it gets saved to your computer & you just search & grab it for the interview program to input again & carry on) can't go wrong & a great starting point regardless of if you need to get further targeted legal advice in certain situations.

(Posted on 7 May 2018)

Reply:Thank you Mark!

- Napier

Excellent support, would recommend

(Posted on 3 May 2018)

Reply:Thanks very much Alf.

- Wellington

Great Will template. Easy to use and very cost effective. Wills can be tricky with multiple parties and different circumstances. The template handled those all well. Loved the follow up emails and the personal touch.

(Posted on 26 Apr 2018)

- Waikato

I was somewhat unsure about this, but I was pleasantly surprised! I found the interview easy to complete, and when my final document was incorrect (my error), I emailed to ask for help so I could access it and I received a quick (night-time) reply giving me instructions about doing it again. I redid it a number of times within the 24hr window and was so pleased with the result. Well worth it and I have told everyone I know to do it too.

(Posted on 24 Apr 2018)

Reply:Thanks Eva, that's awesome! Happy to have helped.

- Wellington

Awesome service - quick and easy to complete and follow up service fantastic. Recommend to all!

(Posted on 9 Apr 2018)

Reply:Thanks so much Brooke!

- Whangarei

Easy and fast. Great video help. Thanks

(Posted on 9 Apr 2018)

Reply:Thanks Olaf!


Very quick and easy to do, great having the walk through video to refer to and excellent back up via email when I had an query

(Posted on 26 Mar 2018)

Reply:Thanks Anne!

- New Plymouth

Excellent product and so easy to fill in. It took me 10mins to complete and gave me peace of mind.

(Posted on 20 Mar 2018)

Reply:Thanks Tony, that's great!

- Totaravale

Excellent software. Great to have the video tutorials all the way through. Easy to understand. Response to any questions or queries I had via email was very quick and extremely helpful. Surprisingly they even called to advise me on my queries which I sent via email. I am so grateful for that. Mine was an online will for $39.90. Fantastic service for this price!!! Highly recommend to anyone. I will definitely share with everyone I know. Thank you.

(Posted on 19 Dec 2017)

- Queensland, Australia

The videos are helpful and the interview easy to follow and answer. You can also email through any questions you have and they'll help you out. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an easy and cost effective way to organise your will and find peace of mind.

(Posted on 12 Sep 2017)

Reply:Thanks very much Sophie!

- Wellington

I found this template simple to use and it covered all of the specific things that I wanted to do, including make specific gifts to charity and of a chattel.

(Posted on 27 Apr 2017)