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Will and Enduring Power of Attorney Documents Package

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Unbeatable value.  For a limited time you can get a will, an enduring power of attorney property document & an enduring power of attorney personal care document, at the same time and all for the cost of only the will! 

(Note we provide the documents only.  Enduring Powers of Attorney need to be witnessed by an "authorised witness" (e.g. a lawyer or an authorised officer or employee of a trustee corporation, which will involve an extra cost as agreed between you and the lawyer/trustee corporation you choose to work with. LawHawk's total charge for the documents is only $59.90)

Don't put it off any longer! It will be easier than you think. 

Natasha Linskill

"I've put off writing my Will for years as I thought the process would be expensive and overwhelming.  LawHawk's online will is really affordable and easy to complete.  I highly recommend it." 

A review of this will from Natasha (pictured, from Linskill Lettering)

See how the process works in the video below. 

Give it a go.  If you're not completely happy with your will and EPA documents, we'll give your money back!

We're confident that you won't be disappointed with this solution.  It is: 

◊     quick to complete. You can do all 3 documents at once - there's nothing else like this in the NZ market

◊     so good, it's also used by New Zealand law firms and has received great feedback from previous customers (see the reviews above!)

◊     very user friendly

◊     packed with nearly 2 hours of video guidance for every stage to help you work out what to do

It's got the important bases covered.  You can appoint who you want as your executor(s)/attorney(s) and backup(s), set out your wishes for burial, and who you want to look after your kids.  You are in control and can take as long as you want to think things through. 

The will contains options that will allow the Will Maker to give a range of particular gifts, including:

◊     Money

◊     Chattels

◊     Pets

◊     Investment securities

◊     KiwiSaver

◊     Life Insurance Proceeds

◊     Land

◊     Gifts to charity

◊     Options to purchase

◊     Life interests

◊     Rights to occupy

◊     Forgiveness of debt

◊     Rights to appoint or remove trustees

◊     Other types of gifts.

The Enduring Power of Attorney documents also contain all the usual optional provisions in a very user friendly way. 


If you need help from a lawyer at any time, you can see someone from Succeed Legal or another lawyer who specialises in wills and estates.  

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Surprised with how comprehensive it is compared to other online will builders.

(Posted on 9 Oct 2020)

Reply:Yes, it's very comprehensive. Thanks for using LawHawk!

- New Zealand

The process was logical with excellent video tutorials for explaining what was required

(Posted on 8 Oct 2020)

Reply:Thanks Andrew, pleased you found the videos helpful.

- New Zealand

The entire process is easy to follow and well layed out.

(Posted on 2 Oct 2020)

Reply:Thank you for your feedback Stephen

- New Zealand

I thought it was excellent, easy and everyone should just get it done for the sake of their loved ones

(Posted on 26 Sep 2020)

Reply:Thanks for the great review!

- New Zealand

Easy to use, good instructions at each step and helpful team. Recommended if you want a basic will quickly

(Posted on 24 Sep 2020)

Reply:Thanks Ben.

- New Zealand

Easy to follow. Plain language made it easy to understand. Video was helpful where further explaining was required.

(Posted on 23 Sep 2020)

Reply:Great work Glenn, well done on getting these in place.

- New Zealand

Very easy but professional product and process. Enabled all the right decisions to be made and very pleased

(Posted on 10 Sep 2020)

Reply:Thanks very much Stu, and we're pleased that you had such a great experience.

- New Zealand

The documents were easy to complete with straightforward instructions. I liked that you could 'park' the document to get extra information and come back to it at a later stage. The only thing I would have liked is a way to put some free format comments in around burial/donor requests.

(Posted on 6 Sep 2020)

Reply:Thanks Angela, we'll take a look into your suggestion.

- New Zealand

Fantastic product. Worth every cent. So easy to use. Amazing service from Lawhawk. Could not recommend enough.

(Posted on 6 Sep 2020)

Reply:Awesome feedback! Thanks Emma.

- New Zealand

Paint by numbers set up is good and found it fairly easily to work through. Mine was a simple will and knowing what I know now would not have attempted this myself if I had a complex estate.

(Posted on 31 Aug 2020)

Reply:Thanks Bryan, there are a lot of options in the solution to cover more complex estates that will take more time to work through.

- New Zealand

Was nice & easy once you get into the swing of it, and I got very fast responses for any questions I had, the video tool throughout was also very helpful.

(Posted on 31 Aug 2020)

Reply:Thanks Justine!

- New Zealand

Good value, however could be more intuitive. I appreciated follow up from Gene, knowing there's a human in behind this.

(Posted on 23 Aug 2020)

Reply:Thanks Andrew. Well done on getting it done.

- New Zealand

I was pretty pleased with how easy it was. Team were very helpful. Definitely worth the money.

(Posted on 23 Aug 2020)

Reply:Thanks Bevin.

- New Zealand

This really made things so much easier. I've been putting of doing my will for years - most of the time because it just seemed such an unnecessarily complicated (and potentially costly) task. Your online tool has really helped tremendously. Thank you.

(Posted on 28 Jul 2020)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Mariette. It's often a lot easier than expected!

- New Zealand

Excellent product, apart from the fact that I'm a bit useless with technology, the product is great. I've recommended to others who I know have used it also. Super easy and good communication when I got it wrong. I work in the community so will be recommending.

(Posted on 28 Jul 2020)

Reply:Thanks for your recommendations Amanda, and congratulations on getting it done.

- New Zealand

Great system. Gets a bit trickier when you look at 3rd and 4th options for the residue.

(Posted on 19 Jul 2020)

Reply:Thanks Dieter, there are a lot of possible options for how you can divide the remaining estate. There's a lot of guidance in the tool which we hope helped you work through this.

- New Zealand

Great products, easy to use and excellent service -many thanks again

(Posted on 5 Jul 2020)

Reply:Thank you very much Chris.

- New Zealand

Great product. Easy to use.

(Posted on 29 Jun 2020)

Reply:Thank you Werner.

- New Zealand

The process was made so easy with the information snippets and clear videos at every step of the way. Made a daunting task very easy. Thank you!

(Posted on 17 Jun 2020)

Reply:Thanks Kylie!

- London

I recently used the LawHawk will tool, and it was brilliant. Quick, easy and intuitive, but still entirely comprehensive. I've delayed making a will for ages because it seemed like such a hassle, but this made it extremely easy. I've recommended it to my partner and family. Cheers!

(Posted on 24 Apr 2020)

Reply:Thanks Zac, the first review of our new combined tool and it's a great one! Well done on getting all this done.