FAQs for law firms / business customers

Does LawHawk only custom automate legal documents and processes?

For us to add value, there probably needs to be some element of legal or other logical complexity in the documents or processes. However, we certainly automate all the simple documents with the hard ones when looking at a whole process.

What we learned early on is that the "legal" documents are almost always only a small part, towards the end, of a much larger overall process. We don't focus so much on what is "legal" and what is not. We focus on the whole process and how to make sure you get the best outcomes you can from beginning to end.

As an example, if you would like to talk to us about your employment agreements, we would also be interested to understand all the steps beforehand, such as:

  • Can we hire?
  • How will we hire?
  • How will we reference check?

We would also look at what happens after hiring, and how you will get this employee onboarded quickly and effectively so they can do all the things you hope they can do for you.

How does the process of getting documents automated work?

See our LawHawk Automation Services page for more detail on this.

How does the document generation process work?

It's probably easiest to understand this by watching this brief video. It really is that simple! If you have questions, you can ask them here.

We also have a "sandbox" environment we can provide you with access to, so you can carry out a free trial and see how it works.

I'm having issues completing my interview - what help can I get?

First, look for the section at the top left of your interview screen that looks like the image below.

Help Screen Capture

Click on the question mark symbol, and see if the guidance there answers your question. There are also a lot of help videos which you can view here.

But if you are still having problems, email lawhawk@lawhawk.nz, or call 021 339 527 if it's urgent. If you can take a screenshot that shows the problem you are having, and attach that to an email, it will assist in quickly identifying the issue.

Can I change my document?

As a business customer, generally there will be no limits in the number of documents you can assemble, and the number of times you can come back and make changes. 

These arrangements will all be covered within the pricing we agree with you up-front.

Can documents be drafted in our own style?

Yes!  If we custom automate your documents for you, they will look exactly as you want them to. We do all our automation on top of your existing Word templates, so it is no difficulty at all to have your font, numbering, logos and other customisations.

It's also possible for us to create versions of some of our LawHawk templates (for example wills, enduring powers of attorney and employment agreements) for you. If you tell us your firm's styles, we can assemble documents in those styles.

Can you indicate costs and timeframes to automate our documents?

To do this properly we need to see the documents, and we can then give you a detailed proposal, but often the cost is similar to the fees law firms charge to generate similar documents each time they do one.

If you send us the documents, we will review them without charge and give you a report setting out if they are suited for automation and, if so, proposing how we will do it, when we can do it by, how much it will cost, and what results you can expect. Any documents you send us will be kept confidential, and only used to provide you with our report and proposal.

You can also see our LawHawk Automation Services page which contains more information on how we work and price for our services.

Can I upload my templates myself?

No, that is not possible at this stage. We provide a fully managed service when we custom automate your documents, and will do this for you to make sure everything works as it needs to.

Can anyone else use my document templates?

We will store the document templates we automate for you on a separate page that only you, and others you authorise, can access.

Is the LawHawk system secure?

Yes. LawHawk's key suppliers have excellent security. For more on HotDocs security, see here. LawHawk's website host for our business customers, SilverStripe, was chosen in part because they have an established track record of delivering websites for the New Zealand Government.

We can provide you with substantial security information if you need to know more.