General FAQs

What is HotDocs, and why is it relevant to LawHawk?

HotDocs is the market-leading provider of document automation software, with more than 1m users in 11,000 organisations around the world. Hotdocs is owned by AbacusNext, which has been recognised by Forbes as one of America's fastest-growing companies.

HotDocs' software is one of the key technologies that we use to deliver our solutions.

We use the HotDocs platform for its powerful automation, so we can focus on quickly and cost-effectively creating benefits from document automation.

The key points to note are:

  • Anyone can licence HotDocs. The results you get will on your own depend on your own skills and effort.
  • LawHawk's customers use us to ensure they get the results they need at a known cost.

Do I have to be a lawyer to use LawHawk?

No, you don't have to be a lawyer. Many New Zealanders have used our online wills and been very happy with the outcomes as you can see from these reviews.

Similarly, we have designed several solutions for use by business users. We take care of the legal logic in the background, while presenting the user with a more straightforward and intuitive questionnaire to work through.

What is a document interview?

A document interview is the questionnaire you will fill in on your screen. Once you complete the interview, the automation software assembles the final customised document(s) from the template by merging the interview answers into the template text.

What is an answer file?

Answer files relate to our HotDocs solutions. As you complete an interview to generate a document, you can save your answers into an answer file. It is essentially a file that contains all the answers you inputted into the interview, in a format that can be recognised by HotDocs.

You'll also get an answer file delivered to you with your document. The answer file allows you to make changes quickly, or to work even faster the next time you need to generate a similar document. For example, if you did a will and enduring powers of attorney for a wife, you could re-use the answer file to do the same for the husband with just a few changes.