Government generates a lot of paper, and so do the processes of interacting with Government.  Significant efforts have been made to create more consistency and efficiency through standardising documents such as the Government Model Contracts (GMCs), RFx procurement documents, and Outcome Agreements for Contracting Social Services.

That standardisation makes them ideal for automation.  Automation could save significant time and money, particularly if it enables the Government and its suppliers to bring work back from firms to the in-house team, prepare their own documents directly with less support from the legal team, and spend more time focussing on the things that really matter for great public services. 

At a national level, MBIE says that the New Zealand Government spends $39bn per annum on procurement and estimates that response costs are up to 10% of that ($3.9bn per annum).  Accordingly, just a 1% saving in tender costs could save the New Zealand economy $39m per annum, as well as deliver better public services.

You can use this benefits calculator to test the possible direct benefits for a particular type of document.

What types of Government documents could be automated?

Automation can benefit a wide range of documents – particularly those that are used a lot and/or are quite complex.  Because they are so great for automation, LawHawk has already done substantial proof of concept work in relation to:

  • The GMCs
  • The RFx documents
  • Outcome Agreements

Some of the GMCs and RFx documents have been adapted by LawHawk for private sector use.  For example, see this Agreement for Supply of Goods, this Agreement for Supply of Services, and this combined ROI/RFP/RFQ.

These documents require substantial automation power.  Fortunately, LawHawk selected HotDocs' platform as our engine as it has more than 1,000,000 users - many in global banks that, like Government, produce complex documents at large scale.  

Banking achievements using HotDocs' platform internationally include:  

  • Achieving 100% accuracy for facility letters in a global bank;
  • 175 work hours saved per day processing 100 page credit documents; and
  • 500,000 loan packets produced each month by a commercial lender.

Another HotDocs customer, a large law firm, achieved a 94% reduction in processing time for real estate documents.

A targeted 1% reduction in costs for Government documents is too low!

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