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Feedback received from a large national employer after the first three months of using the employment agreement we automated for them

Why automate HR documents?

People don’t work in human resources to generate documents. 

In times where the human element is most important, your time shouldn’t be taken up preparing documents. Yet, a significant part of the role involves generating the right paperwork (often, lots of it!), and that paperwork needs to be accurate and turned around quickly. Make it easy, with document automation.

Organisations will often have their own preferred (and approved) form of HR documents. However, for many, the process of generating them is cumbersome and the results can be inconsistent. Errors such as forgetting to add a 90 day trial provision can have serious implications.

An example of a custom automated employment agreement

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The benefits of automation

With automation:

  • One or many documents can be generated at the same time, from the same set of information.
  • For a new employee, this might involve a job description, business case, letter of offer, employment agreement, health and safety policy, induction letter etc.
  • In a restructure, this might include letters outlining the process, potential redeployment, letters of redundancy etc.
  • No need to input the same information into different documents.
  • Need to employ a large number of people in a short amount of time? Document automation is the only way to ensure this can be achieved with the speed and accuracy required.

  • Need to restructure a large number of people in a short amount of time? Document automation allows you to do this. We’ll give you the time to handle the more important aspects of your job, in what must be a very sensitive time.
  • Even for those who don’t generate documents too frequently, wouldn’t it be nice to have all relevant documents and processes set out in a way that makes the documentation process seem like second nature? We make the process simple, and can include the guidance you need to help you step through the process each time.

Custom Employment Agreement Review and Automation Service

If you employ a lot of people, you probably have (or need) your own employment agreement. We help frequent employers to custom automate their own employment documents so all the required documents can be prepared 100% accurately like in the video above.

This can also include having your documents checked to make sure they are up to date with employment law and best practice, and are well suited for automation. We can work with your lawyers to do this, or if you don't have a good employment lawyer - or want one that already knows how to work with LawHawk to maximise the benefits you will get from automation at a fair price, we recommend Jaesen Sumner from Ford Sumner.

Find out more here.

One-off employment agreement

If you don't already have your own employment agreement template, and will only need to use it a few times (so it's not worth getting your own custom automated employment agreement you can use regularly), check out this great employment agreement.

You can use it for permanent, part time and fixed term employment agreements, and with a variety of remuneration types including salary, hourly rates, commission and bonuses. It covers most of the common options that employers will want to include.

You can prepare it in minutes, but if you need help at any time, you can see someone from Ford Sumner or another lawyer who specialises in employment agreements. They can pick up from where you have got to, so you only pay for their added value.

More information

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