Pricing for our two core offerings is as follows:

LawHawk Documents

These are documents drafted by LawHawk for any customer to use, and are ideal for when you don't have - or need - your own specific document

  • Pay per LawHawk Document used: Per use prices as displayed on our website.

  • No User Licence: Pay only for what each User actually uses.

  • Various payment methods: Payment can be made by credit card, Paypal, or (if agreed by LawHawk) account.

Customer Documents

These are customer documents, automated by LawHawk, solely for that customer and its Users. They are ideal for when you already have your own specific document(s), and want advanced document automation to prepare them as fast as possible, without errors

  • One-off fee for automation:  Fixed fees will be agreed in advance.  These largely depend on complexity and are only payable after successful delivery and testing. Our automation costs are not too different to what law firms charge clients for each transaction, but our services have certainty of cost and ongoing benefits. See below for some indicative pricing.

  • User Licence: $1,500+GST/User/annum, incorporating HotDocs licensing. Only $4/ day allows unlimited use of any automated Customer Documents at no extra charge.

  • Your IP Protected: You retain ownership of all your existing IP (including documents and any existing guidance) and all data. We just automate all your options and make them available to you as a managed service for your exclusive use.

  • Hosting: Your documents are securely hosted on the LawHawk website, on your own page, at no extra charge. No IT to licence, install or maintain.

  • 20% Discount on LawHawk Documents: Users can also access LawHawk documents, at a 20% discount to usual prices.

Other Benefits

In each case, our prices and services are inclusive of the following benefits:

Check Advanced automation for lowest total cost: Our automation is done with HotDocs, the global leader in document automation trusted by major banks, insurance companies and law firms around the world to handle their complex requirements.  It lets Users make the decisions - based on built in guidance and compliance - to safely create truly customised documents that will give good outcomes in practice with minimum further editing and negotiation (and associated cost).  More generic templates with weaker automation might cost less up-front, but will usually require more traditional editing, with associated costs, delays and risks of error.
Check No coding required: Our market leading automation is done for you by document automation specialists with years of legal and commercial experience. You can focus on what you do best while we deliver the agreed outcomes.

No software to install or maintain: Access everything 24/7 via our secure website.  We've put the systems together so you don't have to.

Check Confidentiality: Users download and save both the generated Word document(s) and related answer file(s) into your local environment.  We cannot see or access the information you enter.
Check PCI DSS Level 1 Security: Our website is hosted by eStaronline, who have PCI DSS Level 1 security, and perform weekly platform updates.

Ongoing Support: If you have any problems or suggested improvements you can talk directly to our document automation specialists to resolve them quickly.


Money-back guarantee:  We are confident you will love what we do, but if you are not satisfied, we will refund your fees (see paragraph 4.20 of our terms and conditions). 

Check Certainty of costs: You will know all your costs, and when they are payable, in advance.  There are no other fees for our services.

Further Questions?

For more information, see our FAQ page.