Delegations are a significant pain point for many organisations, and often are managed through a combination of Microsoft Word, Excel and/or Outlook.This can include the process of both creating new delegations (e.g. when a new role is created, or someone moves into a new position), or helping people to understand what delegation rules apply (e.g. who can authorise the entry into a new transaction).Without some form of automation, a person may have to look through a massive spreadsheet, across multiple sheets, to try and understand which categories are relevant, and within each category, which sub-categories apply. If it is not clear, the risks include:

  • Wasting a lot of time by applying for a delegation beyond what they are entitled to, or providing incorrect or insufficient information, requiring a series of emails to clarify, before the request can be actioned
  • Believing a delegation exists, and entering into an obligation that is not permitted
  • Being too conservative, and wasting valuable time by requesting authorisation from senior people, just in case

We can design stylish, intuitive web-forms, that can guide a user through this process, so they only see the information that relates to the delegations they need. If they need to provide information, they will be guided (or required) to provide it in the format it is required in, to enable a quick decision and processing.


Expected benefits

Expected benefits include:

  • Substantial time savings, both for the person requesting the delegation or information, and the people who receive the requests
  • Consistent compliance. Once the rules are set and built into the solution, they can be communicated consistently. If linked to a contract approval form, for example, then the approvers entered into the form can be those required by the delegations framework
  • By having one place to look for information on delegations, if questions are asked at any time, it will be easier to provide information on request.

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