Digital Signing

We are big fans of digital signing. We use it regularly ourselves, and recommend it to our customers. We can also help our customers start to use it effectively.

The problem with paper-based signing

Traditional paper-based signing processes have always had a number of problems, including:

  • The need to link them with approval processes (see our suggested process for that here)
  • The time and effort involved in printing, signing, scanning, emailing, chasing, and collating counterparts (particularly in a COVID-19 environment)
  • The difficulty in identifying hold-ups (for example, people who are unavailable) and how to deal with them
  • People not signing documents in the way required, or missing areas where they must sign or initial
  • The risk that someone changes a document without informing other parties
  • Difficulties in reconciling signatures on documents to the name of the signatory, and their capacity to bind the party
  • The frequent loss of original documents, and the misfiling of scanned copies

While digital signing is not complex to use anyway, and you can start in a low-risk way with things like contract approvals as set out here, when combined with document automation and integrated into Office 365, it becomes incredibly simple.

Our Digital Signing Solutions

Digital Signing Solutions

Our solutions can include:

  • Use of document automation to automatically create a signing block for every party to the contract
  • Making sure that each signing block also includes a “smart tag” which pre-identifies each signatory for that signing block, including names, email addresses and phone numbers
  • Launching the signing process directly from Outlook, Word or SharePoint
  • Having the signed document returned automatically to the SharePoint folder it was initiated from, and also to another email or location if required
  • You can see this webinar for some examples of how a process can work:

Expected benefits

Expected benefits include:

  • Substantial time savings in managing signing (and related approval) processes
  • Significant cost savings (it's very low cost!)
  • Nobody can change a signature or a document without invalidating the document
  • Full transparency and auditability as to who signed what, when, and how, reducing the risk of a dispute later
  • You should never lose another contract again

More information

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