Family Law - Contracting Out and Separation Agreements

The core parts of contracting out and separation agreements are relatively standard, and we’ve found we can easily overlay a lot of our existing automation IP over a firm’s own documents, making only necessary adjustments. 

The firm can draft the documents in only a few minutes, always using the latest version of the templates, and can then focus on providing the client with the necessary advice and making any specific amendments required for that client’s circumstances.

Our solution can be entirely internal to the firm, or we can design an external-facing interview that your clients can complete themselves on your website. This could be a further time-saving tool, or if tied to your approach to marketing could become a powerful source of new instructions as clients respond to your articles/blogs, social media and Google Ads to come to your firm and complete their details. You receive all the necessary information to understand their needs and do most of the drafting.

Contracting Out Agreement

Expected benefits

Expected benefits include:

  • Substantial time savings. Once you have all the information, it will only take a few minutes to prepare an advanced draft document
  • Increased profitability. By taking out most of the time to obtain the necessary information, and draft the documents, you can spend as long as you need to advise the client while still making profits under fixed fees
  • Great workflow. As well as marketing your distinctive capability to capture more work, you’ll be able to manage more matters than you can now
  • Free up partner time. As clients, legal executives or younger lawyers can do most of the initial work (following the partner's logic through the automation), the partner can delegate more and focus on where they can add the most value
  • Higher quality and consistency. Because users will go through a single, easy to use, questionnaire with a lot of built-in guidance and compliance checking, all documents can be generated consistently

More information

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