Insolvency - Bankruptcy, Liquidations and Mortgagee Sales

Unfortunately, with the impact of COVID-19 likely to impact on the New Zealand and global economy for many years, there will be increases in insolvencies. 

These must be managed efficiently and smoothly to minimise the stress and difficulty for those affected, and maximise the recoveries for their creditors and shareholders.

We can automate packages of documents for bankruptcies, company liquidations and mortgagee sales so that the entire process can be carried out in phases, with documents generated almost instantly at the appropriate time.

Much of the automation is based on the required court forms and legislative requirements, but we can tailor these to your needs, and we can add your other documents in too.

We will also create back-end tables that will contain details of all of your relevant offices, staff, key clients, service agents and court registries etc. so these details pre-populate each time without manual data entry.

Expected benefits

Expected benefits include:

  • Substantial time savings. Because you can generate all the documents for each phase at once, you don’t need to re-enter information at each stage. Much of the information is pre-populated. You can save many hours on every transaction
  • Substantial cost savings. With the higher efficiency and time savings, your costs will be substantially lower. One person, such as a legal executive, can manage many more matters
  • Greater profitability. Because costs are awarded according to the High Court Rules, the time savings will flow through to higher profitability on each matter
  • Higher quality and consistency. Because users will go through a single, easy to use, questionnaire with a lot of built-in guidance and compliance checking, all documents can be generated simultaneously and consistently
  • Less time reviewing and amending documents. Because of the logic applied in the automation, you can trust that the output will be the same every single time
  • Easier template control and administration. Because all the documents assemble from a single interview, users only see one entry point, and don’t have to worry if 15+ documents are sitting under it
  • Easier updates. Because we understand the underlying legal concepts and inter-relationships as well as the automation, we can make the changes correctly first time, and you can rely on the system.

More information

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