Property documents are well suited to automation, particularly if you have an extensive portfolio of property and regularly need to enter into:

  • New agreement to lease and/or deed of lease documents
  • Deeds of variation of lease
  • Deeds of renewal of lease and rent review
  • Deeds of surrender of lease
  • Deeds of assignment of lease

As well as speeding up the drafting of documents, we can also help you to streamline the overall process through:

  • Review of your documents, to ensure they are consistent, up to date, and accurate
  • Fixing any formatting issues in the underlying templates, so you don't have to correct them every time you work on a new document
  • Helping you identify the areas that get the most push-back in negotiation, and avoiding those issues through better initial drafting, or easily having fall-back provisions you can use to address the most common issues
  • Creating digital instruction forms to receive instructions from clients
  • Incorporating digital signing options

Expected benefits

Expected benefits include:

  • Substantial productivity gains, through time savings of 75% or more, particularly if you can use the data from the agreement to lease to also complete most of the deed of lease
  • Faster turnaround times, particularly if you can reduce the time to negotiate documents too
  • Reduced external spend, as some of the work you need to outsource currently to maintain quality or due to lack of capacity, can now easily be done internally
  • Reduced staffing costs. If you need to make do with a smaller team, you can still do the same amount of work
  • Greater staff satisfaction, reduced stress, and better relationships with customers.

More information

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