Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Trusts

I really appreciate the layout of LawHawk EPAs; I can find the attorneys names and the places to sign so much quicker. The notes are set out well for clients to read and it makes explaining the documents to clients much easier. The ability to make amendments without incurring extra cost is another huge plus. Gene’s availability for support makes the system the best we have used.

Tavendale and Partners, Christchurch

Wills and enduring powers of attorney are a particular strength for LawHawk, and we offer these services in several ways.

LawHawk Will and EPAs

For the public

As you can see here, we have versions of these documents available for sale to the public on this website. These documents have been used with great success by many New Zealanders who have enjoyed the ability to generate their own document(s) at a cost much lower than lawyers would typically charge. They can then decide for themselves if they want additional legal help, and who they want it from. LawHawk is always happy to help customers identify whether the online solution is suitable for them, or who a suitable lawyer to help them may be.

We recently added the ability to generate a will and two enduring power of attorney documents from a single interview questionnaire. Because we regard enduring powers of attorney as such an important document, which are under-used in New Zealand, we provide this package of documents at a price lower than the cost of getting them all individually.

For law firms


If you are a law firm customer that wants to offer online will, enduring power of attorney and/or trust solutions without the full cost of developing your own solution, we can offer several options:

We can automate your own precedents

If you have your own precedents, we can automate those for you. We’ve done packages of wills and EPA/EPG documents (and associated correspondence) for two law firms in Australia in this way.

We can do something similar with your own trust documents, including correspondence to affected parties, such as mortgagees.

Use our automated precedents

If you would prefer to only pay for using an existing set of high-quality will and EPA documents, you can licence the use of ours.

If you need any changes made, we can customise the documents for you at an agreed cost. This could include making the documents assemble in your own style or adding additional wording or options in the interview questionnaire.

Optional online web-form

We also offer the ability to have your own web-form, branded to your requirements and embedded into your website, that clients can use to fill in and instruct you. Immediately after submission, you’ll get an email with all the details that you’ll need to understand the client’s situation and any apparent issues, and to get started on drafting. You can see an example of the form below.

Have a go at filling it in, and we’ll email you the form submission so you can see how it works.

Some of the law firms we work with

More information

To talk to us about how we can help you to improve your processes for wills, enduring powers of attorney and trusts, please click the button below: