Custom Employment Agreement Review and Automation

Custom Employment Agreement Review and Automation

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If you only need an employment agreement for a "one off" situation, you probably only need the LawHawk Employment Agreement. It's a very customisable agreement that you can use to create your own employment agreement at very low per use cost.

But if you employ a lot of people, you probably have (or need) your own employment agreement.  We help frequent employers to custom automate their own employment documents so all the required documents can be prepared 100% accurately in 5 minutes or less, like this:


Legal Review and Automation

At the same time as automating your employment documents, we recommend that you check them to make sure they are up to date with employment law and best practice. We can work with your lawyers to do this.

If you don't have a good employment lawyer - or want one that already knows how to work with LawHawk to maximise the benefits you will get from automation at a fair price, we recommend Jaesen Sumner from Ford Sumner.

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Jaesen worked with us to develop the LawHawk employment agreement and has already delivered automated employment agreements to other clients to save them time and money.

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