Kainga Ora Success

“The combination of standardised templates and automation have reduced the time taken to prepare a contract from 40 hours to 1 hour – a 97% time saving.  That must be considered a truly spectacular productivity gain!”

Bruce Riden, General Counsel of Kāinga Ora-Homes and Communities

LawHawk has been working with Kāinga Ora-Homes and Communities (Kāinga Ora, formerly known as Housing New Zealand) since August 2017, and together we have achieved outstanding results which include: 

•   reducing the time to prepare a 3910 development contract from 4 hours to 1 hour

•   reducing the time to prepare a short form consultancy contract (based on the Engineering NZ form) from around 50 minutes to 15 minutes

•   reducing the time to prepare the Kāinga Ora long form CCCS consultancy agreement from around 120 minutes to 40 minutes

•   forecast savings of at least $600,000 per annum through a 50% reduction in the number of staff required to prepare contracts

The key requirement: a can-do attitude

Like many organisations, Kāinga Ora is under continued pressure to meet higher targets with limited resources.  While the in-house legal team could have been overwhelmed or stuck with "safer" more conventional approaches, they were far more positive, proactive and pragmatic in their search for solutions. 

While they can’t control the construction process, they can control the documentation process that allows the construction to start.  So, that's what they did!  They came up with the idea of a document "production line" and we're proud to say we're one cog in it.

Can the Kāinga Ora automation success be replicated?

Can the same successful results be achieved at your organisation?  Probably.   The issues and opportunities Kāinga Ora faced are not at all unique, though the way you automate your processes will likely be different, to suit your particular requirements.  

If you need documentation to be done better (think better speed and quality), and you also work on your end-to-end process, then your organisation might also achieve the 97% time savings that Kāinga Ora did on one contract!

Are there any examples of recent work?

Well, yes, glad you asked!  You might find this Automation Services page on our website helpful.  About half way down the page, you'll see a list of recent work we've carried out for our customers. 

What's the process from here?

We'd love to hear about the issues you're facing, and where you'd ideally like to get to.  If we think we can help you to get there (or if we know someone else who could help), then we'd discuss that further.

At LawHawk, we're big fans of having an end goal in mind, but taking the appropriate-sized steps to get there.  As was the case with Kāinga Ora, we could start with automating one or two documents (or sets of documents), and go from there.

If you'd like to arrange an informal discussion, please get in touch!