Confidentiality Agreement - Long Form

Confidentiality Agreement - Long Form

Style Number: COM00001A


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Key details

Time to complete: 15 minutes

Last updated: May 2020

Drafted by: LawHawk

LawHawk Guide to Confidentiality Agreements

For more information on confidentiality agreements in general, and this one in particular, check out this detailed guide to New Zealand confidentiality agreements.

Other details

This is a very flexible and comprehensive confidentiality agreement, which enables you to add multiple parties, of multiple types including individuals, companies, limited partnerships, trusts, and partnerships.

It's been designed for use on complex and/or high value transactions such as M&A, where there may be listed companies involved, the information is market sensitive and the details really matter!

If you need a simpler agreement that you can complete in a couple of minutes for a lower cost, our short form confidentiality agreement may be a better solution for you. 

This comprehensive solution contains multiple options for carefully defining the scope of the confidential information, including what is in scope, and what is out of scope.

There are a range of options that deal with disclosure to "Representatives". These include the way in which Representatives are defined, and the vexed question of whether the Representatives need to provide their own separate undertakings to the discloser as well.

There are a number of options relating to how the Recipient will maintain the security of the information, and how any required disclosures will be dealt with.

You can also easily move between options for a deed or agreement format, and a mutual or one way form, so if you change your mind mid-way through, you won't have to start again with a new document.

At the end of the interview there are a number of additional options, which can be selected from a list menu. These are the types of provisions which may or may not be relevant in each case, but do come up from time to time e.g.  provisions for exclusivity, non-compete and non-solicitation, insider-trading, and liability for independent trustees.


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- New Zealand

Overall good product, but the finished document did have some script errors.

(Posted on 19 Jul 2020)

Reply:Thanks for the feedback Joshua, we'll look into the script issues.

- Wellington

The thought and detail that have gone into the confidentiality agreement are so impressive. I was able to easily tailor it to my purpose, with the help of explanatory notes. The interview process was thorough, user-friendly and informative. What a great service! I will certainly use it again.

(Posted on 18 Aug 2016)