Notice of Change of Company Name

Notice of Change of Company Name

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Number of fields: 23

Time to complete: 1-2 minutes

Last updated: May 2016

Drafted by: LawHawk

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When you have changed, or are about to change, the name of a company, you need to let other people know.

It is not always as simple as just sending details of the change of name.

Sometimes, you have to give notice of the name change before it has taken effect. This is commonly the case when giving notice to secured lenders, to enable the lender to update their records on the Personal Property Securities Register.
The simple interview for this document will allow you to quickly and easily capture:

- the details of the company, including its old name, its new name, and its company number

- the details of the recipient

- whether the name change has occurred already, or is going to occur in the future, and the date of the change
- whether there are other changes that the recipient should also be aware of, for example if there has been a change in ownership of the company

Assuming that many of the notifications will go to secured lenders, there is an option to make specific reference to updating PPSR registrations.