Agreement for Supply of Services

Agreement for Supply of Services

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Schedule 2

Schedule 2 for this agreement is located here.

A compare showing the differences between LawHawk's Schedule 2 and Schedule 2 of the GMCs is located here.

Key details

Number of fields: 393

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Last updated: May 2016

Drafted by: LawHawk (though see acknowledgement and disclaimer below)

Other details

This Services Agreement is based on the New Zealand Government Model Contract for Services ("GMC Services").  The intention is to provide a simple form of agreement, which many people (suppliers, customers and their advisers) will be familiar with based on their dealings with the New Zealand Government.   This should reduce the time and cost of negotiations.

This form of agreement easily enables you to add as many parties as required, and to select the type of entity for each party from a drop-down list that includes New Zealand companies, limited partnerships, trusts, partnerships, charitable trusts, and incorporated societies.

Details such as addresses for notices and deliveries, and the appointment of contract managers are swiftly managed.

If there are approved personnel or approved subcontractors who need to be listed, this is easily done.

The most important sections - where you describe the services - have plenty of space and options for you to describe the broader context, and the services that are required. By capturing all the other information very quickly, you will have more time to focus your attention here.
General descriptions of the services and related performance standards can be added, and then you can really drill down into details of the services and each milestone or deliverable. You can describe particular milestones or deliverables; particular performance standards; due dates for delivery of deliverables or milestones; and amounts due on successful completion of each deliverable or milestone.

If you have particular reporting requirements for the supplier, these can be added, along with details of due dates and report descriptions, and who the report is to go to.

Fees can be specified in New Zealand dollars or another currency, and there are options to specify fees as a single fixed rate, a single hourly or daily rate, or individual hourly or daily rates for particular people. 
You can decide whether expenses or daily allowances are payable in addition to the Fees and, if so, on what basis.  Particular types of expenses and maximum costs can be entered.
Invoicing can be covered off, including when invoices are to be sent, who they are to be sent to, and how they are to be sent.
Any particular insurance requirements can be set out, including types of insurance and minimum required amounts.

It is relatively easy to specify changes to the standard schedule 2 which accompanies the agreement. A number of common amendments can be selected from a list of options, making it easier to incorporate those changes in a standard format which should reduce variances for things that should be standard and reduce time and cost.

Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

This document is adapted from the New Zealand Government Model Contract document developed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment ("MBIE"), which is subject to New Zealand Crown copyright and are located here.

The original GMCs were developed for use within the public sector and not for private sector use, but MBIE have given LawHawk permission to use and adapt the documents for private sector use. 


- MBIE has not been involved in the preparation of this LawHawk version and does not endorse it. 

- MBIE has no liability and bears no risk from use of the New Zealand Government Model Contracts outside of their intended purpose, or use of this LawHawk version for any purpose, by any person.

By using this document, and accepting the LawHawk Terms and Conditions, you are also agreeing to the matters set out above.