Tom Mahony

Tom Mahony

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Tom has broad experience advising on a range of commercial, trust and property issues. He is focused on building lasting, trusting relationships with clients, and strives to provide practical and pragmatic advice. Tom’s knowledge of the commercial world enables him to advise clients on their day to day business affairs, and ensure their personal legal arrangements are to their benefit.

Outside of legal practice, Tom is an ardent Marist St Pats supporter and is Honorary Solicitor for the Club. He is also the Chair of the St Patricks College Wellington Foundation, Chairman of the M & T Olechnowicz Scholarship Fund and a member of the New Zealand Law Society Standards Committee (Early Resolution Service).

Practice Areas:
Company and Commercial
Practice Areas:
Practice Areas:
Trusts & Estates

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Mahony Horner



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04 974 4703

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029 454 4005

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Practice Areas

Company and Commercial; Trusts & Estates; Other