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If you're not completely happy with your will, we'll give your money back! 

Natasha Linskill

"I've put off writing my Will for years as I thought the process would be expensive and overwhelming.  LawHawk's online will is really affordable and easy to complete.  I highly recommend it." 

A review of this will from Natasha (pictured, from Linskill Lettering)

We know our will is good, and are happy to stand behind it, because we developed it with Matt Hay from Succeed Legal, and we've had great feedback on it and a similar version of it.

This will is: 

  • quick to complete
  • user friendly
  • packed with video guidance at every stage to help you work out what to do

Check out the video below to see how easy LawHawk's will is to use:


It contains options that will allow the Will Maker to give particular gifts, including:

  • Gifts of money
  • Gifts of chattels
  • Gifts of investment securities
  • Gifts of land
  • Gifts to charity
  • Options to purchase
  • Life interests
  • Rights to occupy
  • Forgiveness of debt
  • Rights to appoint or remove trustees
  • Other types of gifts.

If you need help at any time, you can see someone from Succeed Legal or another lawyer who specialises in wills and estates.  You could also try Consensus or MyAdvice.Legal to find a lawyer. 

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- New Zealand

I found the will creation tool to be easy to use with good guidance the whole way through. I would highly recommend it.

(Posted on 3 Dec 2018)

Reply:Thanks Iain!

- New Zealand

Quick and easy process that can be completed from home!

(Posted on 17 Oct 2018)

Reply:Thanks Luke, and also for your separate feedback on how we can make it even better.

- Wellington

Well that was much easier than I expected - not sure why I put it off for so long! The Will is exactly what I needed and it looks sharp. Thanks for making the process as painless as possible. The instructions around signing the Will were really helpful as well. Very satisfied.

(Posted on 2 Oct 2018)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Sel

- Dunedin

Intuitive to use and did everything I needed it to. Thank you!

(Posted on 22 Sep 2018)

Reply:Thanks David!

- Auckland

I have been wanting to write my will for many years. However both my husband and I were very worried about will formation (the costs, duration, process etc.) until he came across this web site. It was a breeze for us to create our individual wills. I can't thank LawHawk enough for this. Gene and his organisation are one of a kind (that we didn't think existed) in the law world that sets them apart from the rest. Many thanks again...You all are genuinely good and helping people; true to your profession!!

(Posted on 20 Sep 2018)

Reply:Thank you for the wonderful review!

- New Zealand

Making a will using this site was very easy with video instructions along the way. I had a problem that I wasn't sure how to fix and my phone call was answered and corrected immediately and this was at about 9pm so very surprised but really happy as I could then finish it there and then. Very professional and I wouldn't hesitate to use this service in the future. A big thank you as now having a will has taken the weight of my shoulders

(Posted on 18 Sep 2018)

Reply:Thanks Angela, we're very happy to have helped.

- New Zealand

I found doing the Will easy and straightforward. The Resources were very helpful.

(Posted on 15 Sep 2018)

Reply:Thanks Gill!

- New Zealand

I created an online will with Lawhawk and was amazed with how quick and painless it was to create such an important document that I'd been meaning to do for years. I literally completed it in my pyjamas when my kids were sleeping, now I can rest easy knowing that there's a plan in place for when I depart this world!

(Posted on 6 Aug 2018)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Freya, and well done!

- New Zealand

Simple and easy to use in the comfort of your own home.

(Posted on 23 Jul 2018)

Reply:Thanks very much for your review Brett

- New Zealand

Excellent communication. The price is really good. You can edit your will within 24 hours, which is really nice. Pretty handy. Recommended +++. thanks

(Posted on 11 Jul 2018)

Reply:Thanks Randy, well done on getting your will in place!

- Upper Hutt

I found the whole process easy to follow and the video guidance further added to making the completing of the Will straight forward. I would highly recommend this product to anyone contemplating doing their own Will

(Posted on 9 Jul 2018)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Michael

- Central Otago

Very impressed with this easy-to-use and handy product! Great communication from Gene, always available for extra assistance and technical support. Thanks again for this smooth and hassle-free transaction. Highly recommended!

(Posted on 3 Jul 2018)

Reply:Thanks very much Yannick!

- Paremata

Like others I’ve put iff writing my Will for various reasons including cost. My Will is straightforward so this service is perfect and I very much appreciated the follow up also. One less thing niggling away in the back of my mind.

(Posted on 2 Jul 2018)

Reply:Thanks for the great review Phil.

- Hamilton

Great Site. Worked perfectly to create a Will. Gene even followed up within a few days to make sure it all went well. Great product, and customer service. Keep up the good work guys :).

(Posted on 28 Jun 2018)

Reply:Thanks Barry

- Wellington

I used LawHawk's services to write my Will. I've put off writing my Will for years as I thought the process would be expensive and overwhelming. LawHawk's online will is really affordable and easy to complete. I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 28 Jun 2018)

Reply:Thanks Natasha

- Auckland

Very easy video to follow enabling will makers to just answer the relevant questions. We made a few changes on the way, but the end result was spot on. Would recommend to anyone making a simple will.

(Posted on 23 Jun 2018)

Reply:Thank you for the feedback Paul

- Christchurch

Very easy to complete, great to have video clips for any areas we were unsure about. Good communication from LawHawk following up to see if there were any issues.

(Posted on 8 Jun 2018)

Reply:Thanks Jane, great that it worked so well for you.

- Auckland

I found the program, complimented by the videos, extremely easy to use. The resultant will was clear, concise, and in plain language. Value for money it is right up there. I did have a query regarding an extra clause which I emailled about and it was answered very quickly and satisfactorily. Provided you do not want to be too complicated about disposing of your "stuff" I would highly recommend this program to you.

(Posted on 1 Jun 2018)

Reply:Thanks very much for your review Mike. Great that we could help you.

- Ohakune

Fantastic online will making service. So easy to use and it covers so many situations.

(Posted on 15 May 2018)

Reply:Thanks you very much for the great feedback Kerren

- Auckland

Great product. Easy to follow. After downloading the document, I had a few questions and got a quick reply on a Sunday. Top service!! Really happy!! Highly recommended!!

(Posted on 13 May 2018)

Reply:Hi Mandy - very happy to have helped.

- Rotorua

Great product, just take the time to watch the videos, save your data if you need to get back to it (it gets saved to your computer & you just search & grab it for the interview program to input again & carry on) can't go wrong & a great starting point regardless of if you need to get further targeted legal advice in certain situations.

(Posted on 7 May 2018)

Reply:Thank you Mark!

- Napier

Excellent support, would recommend

(Posted on 3 May 2018)

Reply:Thanks very much Alf.

- Wellington

Great Will template. Easy to use and very cost effective. Wills can be tricky with multiple parties and different circumstances. The template handled those all well. Loved the follow up emails and the personal touch.

(Posted on 26 Apr 2018)

- Waikato

I was somewhat unsure about this, but I was pleasantly surprised! I found the interview easy to complete, and when my final document was incorrect (my error), I emailed to ask for help so I could access it and I received a quick (night-time) reply giving me instructions about doing it again. I redid it a number of times within the 24hr window and was so pleased with the result. Well worth it and I have told everyone I know to do it too.

(Posted on 24 Apr 2018)

Reply:Thanks Eva, that's awesome! Happy to have helped.

- Wellington

Awesome service - quick and easy to complete and follow up service fantastic. Recommend to all!

(Posted on 9 Apr 2018)

Reply:Thanks so much Brooke!

- Whangarei

Easy and fast. Great video help. Thanks

(Posted on 9 Apr 2018)

Reply:Thanks Olaf!


Very quick and easy to do, great having the walk through video to refer to and excellent back up via email when I had an query

(Posted on 26 Mar 2018)

Reply:Thanks Anne!

- New Plymouth

Excellent product and so easy to fill in. It took me 10mins to complete and gave me peace of mind.

(Posted on 20 Mar 2018)

Reply:Thanks Tony, that's great!

- Totaravale

Excellent software. Great to have the video tutorials all the way through. Easy to understand. Response to any questions or queries I had via email was very quick and extremely helpful. Surprisingly they even called to advise me on my queries which I sent via email. I am so grateful for that. Mine was an online will for $39.90. Fantastic service for this price!!! Highly recommend to anyone. I will definitely share with everyone I know. Thank you.

(Posted on 19 Dec 2017)

- Queensland, Australia

The videos are helpful and the interview easy to follow and answer. You can also email through any questions you have and they'll help you out. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an easy and cost effective way to organise your will and find peace of mind.

(Posted on 12 Sep 2017)

Reply:Thanks very much Sophie!

- Wellington

I found this template simple to use and it covered all of the specific things that I wanted to do, including make specific gifts to charity and of a chattel.

(Posted on 27 Apr 2017)