Government Model Contracts – Third Edition

Given how central they are to the way the New Zealand Government buys goods and services, we’ve had automated versions of the Government Model Contracts (GMCs) and related RFx documents since we first launched.

We’ve recently substantially upgraded our earlier versions because of the release of the third edition documents which Government agencies must use for all new eligible contracts for lower value, low-risk contracts from 1 June 2020.

In working with LawHawk, you’ll not only get the core GMC/RFx documents as published, but we can further improve your processes through:

  • Removing any options you don’t want your users to use
  • Adding other options you need which are specific to your situation
  • Adding your branding to the documents, so they look great
  • Making sure that the formatting is all taken care of, and that the documents still look great when all those fiddly tables are inserted or removed
  • Using back-end tables to pre-populate your address and contact details, so they are entered consistently at the click of a button
  • Looking at your overall process, and as much as possible, linking the various documents throughout the process so they can either be prepared at once or at any time in the future from the same data
  • Giving you a choice of two software products, so you can select the one that will work best for your requirements
  • Our latest software option will allow you to embed the interview questionnaires into your SharePoint site (or even your website) so anyone you want to have access can complete information, to make contract preparation easy. Data can also be sent to Office 365, for contract management or other purposes


A strength of our offering is that we can configure it to your situation, meaning:

  • We’ll note whether the same or different people need to prepare the RFx documents and the contract documents, and how everyone can best work together
  • If you have other systems as part of your business process, we’ll look to understand how they work and the role they play, and factor that into the solution
  • We can design our ongoing support arrangements to meet what you need.

More information

To talk to us about your use of the GMCs and RFx templates, your plans to move to the Third Edition, and how automation can help maintain efficient Government services in a remote work environment, please click the button below: